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Mar 24,  · There are 3 charts involved in this system: a 4hr chart, a 1hr chart and a 5min chart. There is 1 indicator, a 60 period simple moving average (60 sma) plotted . FOREX Estratégias Estratégia Forex, estratégia simples, Forex Trading Strategy, Forex Scalping.


SA Forex Trading. Department of Water and Sanitation South Africa. Murder Incorporated. See Photos. Zita Patos Tudtud (Inday) Owner at Tudtud Trading General Merchandise. Housewife. See Photos. Patricia Lopez Marin. Online Car Trading. Gogo. 3. 4. 5. Next > English (US).

I gave a two fingered salute to all other trading approaches once I had got to grips with price action, daily pivot points and round numbers and midpoints. It took me way longer than I ever imagined it would and it proved quite a frustrating,challenging and painstaking journey……but when it was behind me, I could then reflect upon it as time well spent.

I am not suggesting that other trading approaches cannot and do not work I would say they never really worked for me and lots of other traders I know personally but I am saying no other approach is as consistent, rewarding, uncluttered and uncomplicated as price action trading. Less is more with trading but most traders do have a tendency to overly complicate the process even when repeatedly told not to. Keep it simple and remember, before charts existed, traders were able to make money just observing price in the form of supportive and resistant price levels.

Progress and technology have complicated the process beyond belief in my humble opinion. The human brain, as sophisticated as it is, does have its limitations in terms of processing heaps of information simultaneously, as traders we can break down into chaos and indecision.

I admit, I wasted a lot of time grappling with complicated technical indicators, expert advisors and all manner of other things including trading robots, before it dawned on me , I just needed to understand price movement and take advantage of what happens at round numbers and midpoints.

To this day, I feel stupid that it took me so long to draw this conclusion. You should now take your time in studying and absorbing all the pdf documents with my compliments.

I wish you every success with your own trading journey. The Background to PATe. Hierarchy of Trading Development. Daily Crude 9 June Daily Crude 10 June Daily Crude 23 June Daily Crude 24 June Hi Julie, Do you remember me I contacted you a few years back and wanted to trade price action.

I could not carry on because my wife died. My friend gets Systems To Follow and the newsletter from the More Money Review team and I saw you had been given an outstanding achievement award and no1 spot in the trading section. You must be doing something right dear. Como demonstra o diagrama a seguir, neste caso ele faz. O preço é mais uma vez abaixo do 60SMA indicando que uma tendência de baixa é prevalente.

Agora você pode prosseguir no passo 3. Você deve fazer isso primeiro confirmando que o valor atual do castiçal atual é menor do que o preço de fechamento do anterior. Em vez disso, procure os outros reaplicando os Três Patos da etapa 1. Mais posts para verificar: O termo "Três Patos" vem do termo inglês comum - para ter todas as suas linhas de patos. Agora, para a própria estratégia. Agora, nos detalhes técnicos.

Vamos tomar este exemplo em aspecto de compra. A iniciativa de compra só deve ser iniciada se o preço atual estiver acima dos 60 sma denotando que a tendência para o mercado é maior. Se for mais baixo, paramos. Isso representa um bom mercado no aspecto de compra. Basta inverter a lógica para vender.

Isso é realmente definido se você é um comerciante de um dia ou de longo prazo. Isso pode representar a ameaça de mercados variados. Em geral, fique atento como sempre para minimizar as perdas. Estou assumindo que cerca de meia hora horas funcionaria, mas queria verificar. Os mercados podem permanecer solventes por mais tempo do que você pode ficar irracional. Nós vamos perdoar o Shadoninja desta vez.

I remain a short seller.

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