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Forex Place Ltd - Public Statement No. 7 of 2013 (30 October 2013)

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Forex Israel is a licensed foreign exchange dealer in Israel, offering a regulated and safe alternative to the Israeli banks. We offer exceptional exchange 4XP purports to be an on-line foreign exchange (Forex) broker. In the “Terms and Conditions” section of its website, 4XP states that the client agreement is between its client and Forex Place Ltd. (Forex Place), a company incorporated in the

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On Tuesday, a new regulatory regime for providers of forex and CFD trading in Israel will finally come into effect.

Firms will also need to have multiple insurance schemes to guard against client lawsuits, cyber attacks, server malfunctions, employee malpractice and other issues, costing millions of shekels a year depending on the size of operations. Join the Leading Industry Event! Beyond the costs of capital, manpower and time needed to comply with all the new regulations, brokers were also discouraged by ISA demands limiting their marketing abilities.

Not only are the most common bonuses no longer allowed, but firms will need to display three disclaimers on each publication, making online banner ads ineffective as they will be mostly disclaimers. The brokers will also not be able to respond quickly to possible marketing trends as every new ad will need to be pre-approved by the regulator. One of the suspects in the Utrade case is Rafi Bar-Lev, the son of a former senior ranking police officer, Uri Bar-Lev, whose bid to become chief of the Israel Police was derailed by a sexual harassment scandal.

Finally, Aviv Talmor, the owner of Utrade Premium, is a former poet, filmmaker, teacher and mentor for at-risk youth who became frustrated by his penniless lifestyle, according to a profile in the Hebrew business daily Globes, and launched a new career as a forex and binary options entrepreneur.

It was about a frustrated poet and teacher named Aviv Talmor whose father had disowned him and cut him out of his will. According to the Globes profile, around this time Talmor did actually manage to find a father figure, in the form of a mentor who was teaching him to make money in the world of finance. He started sending everyone invitations to meet with the coach.

The actor recalled how a few years later, Talmor and his wife had a baby. I was happy for him. Court documents in the numerous lawsuits since filed against Utrade Premium Ltd. They reveal that Talmor spent time working as a salesman at Forex Place, a now-defunct forex company, many of whose former employees went on to launch their own binary options brands.

Another company owned by Talmor, called Utrade Global Markets, was founded in February and seemed to provide marketing services for Utrade Premium. The company, which is still registered in the Israeli corporate registry, is jointly owned by Talmor and Chen Malka, a binary options entrepreneur associated with the brands IntegraOption, Tradesolid and SolidCFD. Meanwhile, Talmor owned yet another company called Binary Call Center Ltd, founded in , which, according to a January motion filed by the temporary receiver of Utrade Premium, operated a number of brands that targeted investors all over the world.

According to the temporary receiver, all the brands operated as a single company, and employees of Utrade Premium worked for other brands as well. Much of the money allegedly stolen by Utrade Premium was pumped into Binary Call Center to finance its activities, the receiver said. Binary Call Center Ltd. He remained a shareholder at SpotOption until at least April , according to corporate documents.

There have been hundreds of other owners and senior managers of allegedly fraudulent binary options and forex companies.

Even within Utrade Premium itself, it is not clear why the ISA recommended indictments against the employees it did, as opposed to other individuals in the company. These positions require experience and good knowledge of Forex trading. The objective of this position is to help, maintain and run the client on the market.

Every marketing department has a design department, which hires designers who know how to build banner ads and landing pages. Therefore, graphic designer jobs are very needed in these companies. Every Forex company has a trading platform, a website, CRM to maintain, servers to handle, networks, a design department. And there is a need to program different landing pages and integrations. So, there is a variety of jobs that may be found in hi-tech wanted jobs.

Commercial Analyst jobs — one who can write market reviews for customers. Customer service jobs , mainly student jobs at night. Dealer jobs in dealing rooms. Please leave this field empty.

Forex Trading At a certain stage, every job seeker encounters a variety of jobs in the field of Forex.

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