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Falcon Foundation SeriesAccess to the Falcon Foundation Series, a part videos series covering 10 key topics of trading to get you started on your journey to success, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader. Get Episode One For FREEOver Hours of Video ContentFrom our weekly live webinars, to the Bi-Weekly Recaps and Quick [ ]. A golden collection of the most practical and powerful MT4 indicators, collected and gathered from different resources, Some can be used by its own and others can be used in combination with other indicators to build up a complete strategy.


You'll gain access to over hours of high quality video content to help with your learning. Over fourty pages of content covering topics such as the FalconFX strategy, psychology, scaling-in, backtesting, goal setting and more. Accessible straight from your personal members dashboard. A Global Community of Traders. Start writing and documenting your trades by accessing your own personal trading journal.

Inspire Guide educate evolve. Midweek Market Review Video. Bi Weekly Trade Recap Video. Want to know more? Joining the Falcon community has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since joining, I have gained a whole new perspective on the markets, received non-stop guidance and support, become associated with like-minded individuals and have began to really see the progress shine within my own results and personality.

Rajpal Gore Leicester, United Kingdom. In the last few months since joining Falcon, I have made more progress in trading than I have in the past year. Mark is not only an incredibly skilled trader, but his passion for teaching and seeing his students succeed is overwhelmingly clear. I am truly thankful to have found Falcon and this community of traders. For the first time, I am seeing a life-changing year ahead for me. Thank you Mark for sharing your knowledge and vision.

Melissa Staudt Texas, United States. More than just a 'strategy', this is a community of ambitious, like-minded individuals, who are always happy to share their analysis, thoughts, inputs and feedback. If you are looking to learn to trade, or are already a trader looking to take their performance up a notch, I cannot recommend Falcon highly enough. Neil Cartwright Copenhagen, Denmark. Mark Hutchinson has developed an education and community around trading, driven by his obvious passion for trading and teaching others to develop their own, sustainable trading skill set.

More than that, though, this past 12 months I have learned to identify price structure clearly, forecast scenarios and what actions I will take based on clear analysis. Most forex systems look at the past to find their signals. It lives in the present; where the only thing that matters is what the price is doing right now. All of its trades are fresh. Falcor is a frequent trader and likes to have a trading position open most of the time.

You can't win if you don't play. We've designed Falcor so that it can be used by any trader, regardless of skill level. When loaded it actively finds, opens, and manages trades completely by itself. Use it alone, together with other robots, or as a compliment to your manual forex trading.

Use Falcor on several currency pairs at once to cover the entire market without breaking a sweat. Falcor includes brand new features that no other forex robot on the market currently has. But we've also included all the bells and whistles you'll need to take over any forex chart. It's an entire professional trading system. Micro, mini, and full size lots are no problem. Falcor is built to adapt safely to your account size. We've put just as much time into designing how Falcor looks.

Gone are the days of ugly cluttered charts. Falcor runs inside the MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform. Most major forex brokers offer free MetaTrader 4 demo trading accounts that include everything you'll need. After MT4 is installed simply attach Falcor to any forex chart.

It normally takes less than five minutes from start to finish. No forex experience is required to use Falcor. It will handle all aspects of trading once it is running. Using multiple robots is highly encouraged for best results. Any of these forex robots will work perfectly. This was the first expert advisor that ever worked for me. I had given up on forex in general for a long time. It has a great way of finding trade setups just before the price spikes. It runs on several pairs so I check in twice a day.

Happy to report that Falcon is finding sweet trades left and right. Number Of Trades Per Month:. This robot is on sale for its lowest price ever. When the timer runs out the price goes back up! The forex robot that has taken the markets by storm. A lean, mean, trading machine. Completely Automatic Trades Finds, manages, and closes trades all by itself.

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He not only teaches you the technical side of trading he will teach you how to manage your account like a pro. Accessible straight from your personal members dashboard.

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Falcor includes brand new features that no other forex robot on the market currently has. No Lagging Indicators Finds the big trades in real time using advanced price action methods.

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